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A Creative Learning Experience

Overall Curriculum

At Le Parc Place Nursery & Preschool we nurture and develop the unique talents and abilities of each child through creative exploration and artistic self-expression.  Our teachers understand that every child has an individual learning style, thus we cater our lesson plans to incorporate various learning modalities. Le Parc Place supports the academic, social, physical and emotional development of all children using developmentally appropriate play-based learning activities. Our "mixed medium" curriculum is designed to support each child’s individual way of thinking and learning through exposure, investigation, repetition and process.

Le Parc Place Preschool has a unique and luxurious open loft space that provides a center-based learning environment with individual activity spaces and an open class space.  Our open, yet centers-based preschool, allows for rich, engaging developmentally appropriate learning activities to occur in spacious, stimulating learning centers.  Our academic goals include enhancing the social emotional and cognitive development of all preschool children.  Le Parc Place implements highly effective preschool curriculum, including elements of Reggio Emilia Approach, which is ordered according to the domains used in the Common Core State Standards.  We focus on intentional teaching of initiative and persistence and “how” children learn; which is in turn a large indicator of student success in Kindergarten through Third grade. 

Pre-Schoolers (2.5  years)


Children during this stage are transitioning from infancy to mobility.  By introducing literacy and music, children begin to recognize alphabets, numbers, and various nouns through visuals and play.  Throughout this age group, the children are learning by participating in various activities such as, puzzles, finger painting, building with blocks, and circle time (shared group activities).  Children at this stage are also learning to respond to simple directions and socializing with peers through guidance.  With consistent and vibrant learning, children develop self-help, characteristics and explore interests.

Pre-Schoolers (3-4  years)

Preschoolers are eager to learn and are extremely curious about the world and their environment. At Le Parc Place, children are integrated in mixed age groups , which help develop new ways of learning and communicating. Throughout this stage, children are learning routines, following instructions, and actively learn.  Preschoolers are introduced to Emergent Literature, Math(counting), Exploration Science through sensory play, Community based learning, and Reggio Emilia Approach learning strategy.  In Preschool, children are also beginning to practice fine motor skills through manipulative play for hand-writing, and gross motor skills through various indoors and outdoors activities..

Pre-Kindergarteners (4-5 years)

At this stage, children are engaged in 50% academic based activities that prepare children for Kindergarten. Children are introduced to Reading and Writing Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies (community based learning).  Pre-kindergarteners are engaged in pre-reading cognition (phonics awareness), advanced vocabulary development via print enriched settings.  Our graduating students participate in numerous instructed activities and experiments via S.T.E.A.M curriculum., expressive art (Reggio Emilia Approach), and critical thinking. In addition, our Pre-Kindergarteners develop creative/expressive art skills through dramatic play, daily peer interactions., and story telling.


Pre-school Program at a Glance

Creative Engineering

While having fun with block play, children develop visual and spatial awareness, increase math skills and foster learning independence.  Children engage in exciting building activities using foam, cardboard and wooden blocks, increasing their ability to compare, order and measure block units.




While doing scientific experiments and engaging in messy sand and water play, children develop their sensory awareness and enhance their fine motor skill development, which lays the foundation for handwriting preparation and emergent writing skills.  Examining objects from our natural environment using scientific inquiry tools increases children’s curiosity and encourages problem-solving and higher level thinking skills.



Expressive Art

While painting, drawing, stamping and collaging in the art classroom, children learn colors, shapes and positional words through engaging in creative artistic expression.  Our various art projects, including 3-D art and clay, increase cognitive development and foster self-confidence and high self-esteem in preschool children.



Library/Language ( English & Spanish) 

While singing songs, doing finger plays and listening to stories, children develop emergent reading, speaking and listening skills.  Children increase their attention span and expand their vocabulary through our language immersion program and literacy-rich environment.  Our focused language immersion and acquisition program offers the additional benefit of teaching an appreciation of cultural diversity and global awareness at the early childhood level.



Music with Miss Annette

While playing with exciting musical instruments, singing in groups and creating marching bands, children develop an appreciation of music; learn simple rhythms, patterns and counting.  Children develop free creative expression, task persistence and increase concentration and self-control in our music classroom.

Dance with Little Hearts

Our Little Hearts Creative Movement/ Yoga classes promote a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, imagination, and creativity. Children will be able to develop rhythm and coordination while developing their gross motor skills. The Little Hearts classes consist of warm-ups, new dances every week, fun activities across the floor and fun games. We use exciting and different props in every class, which helps children build strength, confidence, and a healthy mind and body.

Little Hearts Website

Dramatic Play 

Through robust imaginative play, dress up, puppet shows and role playing activities, children experience full self-expression and learn to identify and express their feelings through positive, supportive interactions with adults and peers.  Creative drama games promote flexible and inventive thinking, self-direction and all pro-social behaviors while being improvisational and fun.

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