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We are committed to partnering with families to create "Family Togetherness" and a memorable Le Parc Place Experience​

In 2014, Le Parc Preschool was created initially through the teaching and philosophy of Jean Alexander. Though retired for over two decades Mrs. Alexander used a very successful form of integrated teaching that was affectionately coined "The Miko Method" for preschoolers. Le Parc Place is an integrated Preschool and indoor enrichment center for children. At Le Parc we want every young person and their family to be a part of the Le Parc experience. Appreciation for all of life’s experiences are encompassed into our philosophy and our approach to early childhood development. We enjoy creating innovative and unique ways for young ones to grow both academically, socially and artistically.​


The MIKO (Mastery, Independence, Knowledge and Optimism) Method's primary focus is identifying and expanding a child’s individual strengths within a stimulating, nurturing and relaxed learning environment.  Children grow and learn through socialization, recognition, investigation, retention, repetition and creative process, which we encourage through ongoing exploration and exposure.

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