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Testimonials from our parents!

Lauren FLPP is phenomenal! We loved our time there. The teachers are fantastic and the community is really tight knit. There are lots of extracurriculars and opportunities for the kids to go outside.
-October 2023

Jessica HOur daughter enjoyed her time at LPP very much. The staff is filled with such sweet and caring educators. She made great friends and learned so much!
-September 2023

Angie EOur daughter attended LPP from ages 3-5, both during covid and after. We loved our experience and felt so confident in Nadia’s ability to manage the school and all the teacher’s management of their classrooms. They took super fun field trips, learned a ton and had a great time. They really cared for the kids needs and parents concerns. We are truly going to miss them!
-September 2023

Justin L:  My 3 year old daughter has attended LPP since May, and we and she couldn't be happier. The teachers and director embody the perfect mix of kindness, love, organization and direction. The schedule is incredibly diverse, with lots of time for play, activities, varied enrichment classes, and the occasional field trip. My daughter is learning so much, and making great friends along the way. The school is also just a short walk to the Maplewood train station, so it's ideal for commuting parents as well. Highly recommend LPP!
-February 2023

Natalie C: I wish I could give more than 5 stars! We have had two kids at LPP now, starting in January 2020 and still have ~2 more years to go with our youngest who just started. Nadia is an incredibly thoughtful, organized, and communicative director who staffs the center with true experts in early childhood education. Both of our children have grown leaps and bounds in their confidence, communication, and independence thanks to LPP -- and they surprise us all the time with showing us they've learned to write letters, numbers, started to appreciate books, etc. Our son has graduated and moved onto elementary school now and we can see the strong foundation he had from LPP serving him well in a larger school setting now. They offer a wide range of activities like weekly art class, music, yoga, soccer, and field trips each season.  The entire center is warm, organized, well-run, and has navigated countless challenges thanks to Covid incredibly successfully. I am a 17-year educator myself, and I couldn't recommend LPP more highly!
-November 2022

Ese  C :  Amazing preschool (for ages 2.5 to 5/Pre-k). My son has been here for 1.5 years. The diversity in staff and students, classroom quality,  and variety of activities are great. From day 1, we appreciated that the director runs the school well and is great at communicating with students and parents. The curriculum is appropriate, educational and teaches various skills to prepare toddlers for kindergarten. 
The teachers are truly hardworking and wonderful, especially in the Little Lavas class (Ms. S and Ms. D and Ms R). They truly care for my son and were very attentive and contributed greatly to his development.
-October 2022

Danielle M :  My son loves going to Le Parc Place and they have done a wonderful job transitioning him into preschool. The teachers truly care about him and it is a warm, inclusive environment. He has also learned a bunch of new skills that he shows off at home. We always feel good dropping him off because we know he is in the best of care and having fun. 
-October 2022

Becky H :  We love LPP! Everyone is so kind and caring. Our daughter has a huge smile on her face when she asks if she’s going to school and we say “yes”! We are so happy with how much she is learning and growing. They do a great job of making school fun! We sent our older daughter there as well and she loved it just as much. She was more than prepared when she entered Kindergarten! Ms. Nadia is always accommodating with our requests/schedule. We feel so lucky to have found this place!
-October 2022

Peter WFor our 3/4 year old we absolutely love the detailed attention from the staff, the many offerings for additional learning, the hours of operation, the perfect location and most of all how much advancement we see in our son.  
We couldn’t have chosen a better environment for our son. 
To be specific, I feel as if I am being consulted and advised by the staff when it comes to my child’s specific needs.  I also feel they act as an advocate for our son, even if that means myself, as the parent, is the one who is being advised - and I respect that and wouldn’t have it any other way.

- October 2022

 Jenny R: We are so grateful to have found Le Parc Place. Our son has been in daycare since he was an infant, but only joined the LPP family when he had just turned 2.5yo (over a year ago), and the improvement in his communication skills and understanding of the world around him was almost immediately noticeable. The teachers are all extraordinary. They are patient and kind and loving, while still setting boundaries.
Another thing I love is the classroom space itself. It's a big, wide open area with smaller classrooms all around the edges. There's more airflow, and doesn't feel cramped like some daycares. They provide a lunch program at a very reasonable price if you opt in, as well as music class 1x a week (all year round), soccer lessons 1x a week (seasonal), and dance & yoga class (discontinued since the pandemic but hoping it comes back soon!). We feel so lucky that our son can take all of these classes during school hours, rather than after school or on weekends.
Through the pandemic they have gone above and beyond by keeping up instruction via Zoom until they were clear to open again. We opted to go back to in-person learning, but they still maintained virtual classes for parents who didn't feel safe. They established safety guidelines for those of us returning to in-person, held meetings with the parents so we could express our concerns and feel confident in each other's safety protocols. They've been such a great gift to us, we can't say enough nice things about them.

-January 2021
 Maria  C: We adore Le Parc Place. Our daughter, 4, has been going there for nearly two years and she loves it. The space is airy, roomy and colorful. They have great activities for the kids and really try to mix it up with field trips They spends lots of time outdoors at the parks in Maplewood and I feel like my daughter is becoming well-prepared for kindergarten. I highly, highly recommend LPP. The staff is great and well-managed.
-October 2021

 Meg K:  Both of my kids attended (one is still there) LPP and we love the small class sizes, hands on curriculum, and warm teachers and staff. Kids engage in fun activities and have a chance to partake in enrichment classes such as soccer, music, dance, and art. There is a lunch program to make every parent’s life a little easier! Love LPP!
-October 2021

Steve M.:We are so grateful to have found Nadia and the team at Le Parc Place! Our son is deeply cared for; thriving socially and academically. The teachers create a warm structured environment that gives the students room to grow. When our 3 y/o started he had missed a year of day care due to the pandemic, he couldn't write and have no interest in drawing. Within a month of being at Le Parc Place with Ms. Mariana, he was writing the alphabet and obsessed with drawing. They have a ton of activities for the kids like music, art, soccer, yoga, and local field trips. Their health and safety protocols are super strong and we feel so safe there. We couldn't be happier!
-October 2021

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