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At Le Parc Place we implement S.T.A.G.E.S into our infants’ daily curriculum.  We believe S.T.A.G.E.S is an intricate part of the overall learning and development for infants, as they experience all that’s new and exciting in the world around them.  The Goal is for both the caregiver and your baby to create a bond that insures Security, Trust, Awareness, Growth, Enrichment and most of all Safety.   




 At LPP we understand an infants needs to feel comfortable and secure with their caregivers.  The familiarity with daily routine and expectations of knowing they are cared for and nurtured throughout their day allows for bonding and a sense of security, which is essential to their overall ability to learn and trust their caregiver.



The development of trust is best when there is a daily rhythm and flow.  As caregivers become familiar with your babies individualized needs, continued growth and development patterns, infants will not only begin to depend on emotional responses such as being held, cuddled and cared for, but will also sense the connection of trust between themselves and their caregiver.


As the bond continues between your baby and their caregiver senses become an important part of communicating.  Once your baby begins to pass the stage of smell for recognizing what is safe and pleasant, and reach their comfort zone through daily hugging and cuddling, they will begin to feel more confident in their ability to rollover and move around on their own and that when things get really exciting.

Growth & Development

Self-movement! eye contact and sound recognition.  Caregivers are encourage to play music hum, songs or even read a story.  The soothing variations of sounds and eye contact with positive expressions and voice tone are all apart the development and sensory.



Touching and texture.  Once we reach the stage where you babe is able to move on their own, recognize scents and sounds, our caregivers enthusiastically introduce floor play.  Throughout their day there are many fun activities they  engage in, which include play stations toys, images and reflections, groups songs, and most important ongoing interaction and observation for their safety.



At LPP safety is our number one concern each morning a staff checks to make sure the room is fully prepared for your babies morning greeting.  Staff are required to wear indoor shoes, and/ or clean socks only.  All infant room items and toys are sterilized daily. 




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